In Her Closet: Rami Kashoú

Our first featurette ever is Divenchy. In her own words she "is a fabulous mix of diva and chic!". Couldn't have put it in better words, doll! Here's she is wearing a Rami Kashoú short sleeve ruffled shirt dress, also worn by Jessica Alba.

This dress wasn't featured in any doll, and it would be horrible to leave it unnoticed. I remember that when I joined SD a year ago everybody was freaking out to have this dress. No doubt why. It's a very conservative dress, perfect for a night out. In fact it was used in the Red Carpet! Besides, Rami's techniques, that we appreciated during Project Runway, make us drool over it.

Our diva accesorizes it with Patrizia Pepe tights, Asos shoes, a vintage-inspired headband and a Prada lace bag (wich you will see later in this blog :P ). She turns the Black Lace theme up, and stands out from the crowd with a touch of blue and pink. Well done Divenchy! Hope to see more from you!

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