Patricia Field dress & Gwendolyn Carrié shoes @ Sarah Jessica Parker

Speak of the Devil and she shall appear... wait, doesn't the Devil wears Prada? Not this time my friends! Last post was about one of Pat Field recent creations, but how can we not play a little homage to Pat's biggest creation? And speaking of big (shall we say Mrs. Big?)...

A lot of readers have sent me pics of this dress saying it was Prada... close call, huh? Actually it's a Vintage dress that the glorious Pat transformed into a corsage extravaganza for none other than NYC's lovechild Carrie Bradshaw. You can buy a similar dress from Patricia Field's Destination Style line, just for U$S149.90! So hurry up ladies!

And speaking of shoes... The ones on Stardoll are Gwendolyn Carrié, a very skillful shoemaker from London. The ones Carrie got carried away with where Christian Dior. Unfortunately Stardoll didn't make Dior shoes for us, but if you give a closer closer look, you'll find similar (red) shoes at Kat von D's doll.

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