Les Artistes: Gustav Klimt

Somehow, in these days designers' primrose path of inspiration had wended its way through to the gilded swirls and bejeweled geometrics of Gustav Klimt. Take, for instance, Christian Dior Spring 2008 Couture Collection. Fashion and art share a bond nobody can break.

Last year, Stardoll brought us a Holiday Collection inspired by the Art Deco and Art Noveau movements. Everything was full of brim and colour, and whimsical shapes played along with golden tones. Here you can appreciate some of the pieces of that collection, you will find them at Judith.

"Judith and the Head of Holofernes"

"Portrait of Mäda Primavesi"

"Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer"

"Portrait of Emilie Flöge"

"The Kiss"

Thanks to Jennifer (jeremyn2005)
for introducing us to this superb creator!

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