Chanel outfits @ Coco Chanel

Since the Decades shop opened, many dolls have complained about "vintage dresses = nana wear". I just don't know what to say... I love vintage! And I love Decades as well. However, I spotted a trend, many of you had bought the golden sequined dress from above, and the polka dot dress from Oscar de la Renta. Well done! It's not easy to wear vintage, but you're doing it so flawlessly.

These dresses are currently at The Costume Institute, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York . The exhibition features many other dresses from Chanel, and also from other designers that made the History of Fashion (wish I could be there right now).

So if you're in NYC, pay it a visit. If you're like me, in other side of the world, make Coco your role model and pay her a visit in her suite. Fashion fades, but style is eternal...

Thanks to Jennifer (jeremyn2005)
for finding some of these precious pics!

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Emmi said...

The Costume Institute literally has thousands of pieces so they're not on display all the time unfortunatly.

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