Gucci outfits @ Marrakesh Theme Doll

Thanks to Dina (Dina_da_Dino)
for sharing these pics with us!

Personally, it's kind of a dissapointment that
SD put so much effort in the Boho Deluxe bag (also by Gucci)
and left all of this clothes for the last minute before releasing the collection.


Fakeshake3 said...

I didn't even bother to post these outfit's, they were so poorly copied. Stardoll could have done so much better.

Baileygirl1212 said...

They should have put more effort into these items.

-Maybe- said...

I agree, many of the clothings didn't look like the original one at all! By the way, I noticed that on the last catwalk-picture, the model is wearing the "famous" Studs Sandals.

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