In Her Closet: Marjan Pejoski

I loved Bjork's infamous swan dress, the one she wore on the 2001 Academy Awards Red Carpet, designed by Marjan Pejoski. Honestly, gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown can get a little boring; but Bjork really mixed things up and put us all upside down with this dress.

Here we can see pink-penguin3 strutting her stuff in a good-girl-gone-bad ensemble, accesorizing the swan dress with Heidi Klum earrings, HB gloves, Alexander McQueen boots and a Fendi baguette. Rock this way!


arna-rut said...

Lol, I know björk in real life - No joke, She's from iceland, Im from iceland, She used to work for my aunt and they kept best friends so i met her lots of times :D

Madame.Katie said...

Didnt miley cyrus wear that dress in one of her hannah montanna episodes??

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