In Her Closet: Sarah Luna

And now we get a little inspiration from Givenchy and join Claire (Tyrall) into the world of high fashion.

She's wearing a Sarah Luna dress with a white shirt underneath and off course, statement necklaces and a headband. She wears rose printed tights to add a touch of Victorian glamour to her outfit. And she rocks, right?

I love that Givenchy is making uber-emotional, almost-goth outfits using colours like hot pink. I hate it when designers make head-to-toe-in-black looks. Sometimes it's hot, but sometimes it's not. And with this outfit we prove that you don't have to have a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Great, huh?


Anonymous said...


Scroll down and you'll see the pink dress

Claire said...

THank you so much!

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