11 Styles for New Year Dresses

I Want Candy by Wunderkind
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Nouvelle Vague by Marc by Marc Jacobs
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Andrew Gn
's Paisley passion

Forever Young by Blumarine

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Sheer Genius by Alexander Wang

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McDreamy by Stella McCartney
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Perfect Asymmetry by Christian Lacroix

Cherry Bomb by Comme des Garcons

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Couture Extravaganza by

Heartbroken by
Marc Jacobs

Jean Louis Marilyn dress
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In a unique TV event, Christie's, the auction house did a live broadcast of the fifty-five lots from The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe auction on October 27, 1999. Up for auction her Happy Birthday Mr. President Invitation which ended up going for $115,000 and Marilyn’s Happy Birthday Mr. President dress which she wore at the infamous birthday tribute to President John F. Kennedy at the Madison Square Gardens on May 19th, 1962. Which is the above dress, for sale in the Decade's store, designed by Jean Louis.

The dress Marilyn Monroe donned that birthday evening was a full length evening sheath dress of flesh colored gauze encrusted with rhinestones embroidered in a rosette motif. The dress that Monroe sang the sweet “Happy Birthday Mr. President” song which now lives in infamy, was sold at Christie’s that October evening for $1,150,000. The dress was originally made for Monroe for approximately $2,500. Now, I call that a good investment.

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FionaK20 said...

If anyone has the black stella mcarthney dress please let me know! even if you're selling it I just a screenshot of it! 5 stardollar gift for the help. Write in my guestbook or contact me through blogger.


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