Real Brands: DKNY Holiday 2007

Unfortunately, Stardoll never released a doll for the very first DKNY Collection.
But instead, they compensated us with this gorgeous and exquisite collection, I must say I'm biased since this is my favourite DKNY collection EVER. The girly shapes and prints, the textures, everything about it makes me drool over both these virtual designs and real life dresses.

The muse and model for this collection was young and fabulous Jessica Stam, who did great on breathtaking ads for the brand. Hopefully Donna Karan will come back to this collection, and take the best of the past and turn it into the best of the future. The latest collections (and the ones that followed this collection on Stardoll) weren't as good, but well, that's just my opinion... what do you think?

;) Be delicious!


breathless.magazine said...
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breathless.magazine said...

i love this whole collection i have those shoes in real life in the forth picture down

oh yes and i agree that the first ever collection was the best just so beautiful !!!!

love your posts

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