María Villariño styled outfits @ Brenda Asnicar

For those of us who don't know Brenda,
she's an Argentine actress/model/singer, best known for her role as
"Antonella" in "Patito Feo" (Ugly Duckling).

María Villariño is the responsible for these tweenie outfits,
matching the character's bubbly diva personality.

Brenda's also known
as one of the Best Dressed Argentine TV Stars.

Brenda in a Kosiuko dress,
with Ricky Sarkany shoes & clutch

Brenda wearing a Wanama onesie

Brenda in a Marcela Koury Lingerie campaign

(Thanks to Freja for her collaboration!)

1 comment:

John said...

5/5. She´s so beatifull but in Patito Feo She´s is danger.

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