Limited Edition Spring 2009

Daydream Nation necklace
(Thanks UndamyUmbrellla!)

Requiem dress

Asos dress

Jessica Cushman cuffs
(Thanks Jeremyn2005!)

(Thanks see_my_bling!)

Matthew Williamson top
(Thanks Wylie1995!)

3.1 Philip Lim vest

(Thanks Undamyumrellla!)

Rachel Gilbert dress

See by Chloé

Adam jumpsuit

Chapeau Claudette hat
(Thanks UndamyUmbrellla!)

Karl Lagerfeld teeGiuseppe Zanotti shoes
(Thanks Wylie1995!)

Anna Sui sandals
(Thanks in.teknicolorr!)

Halston shoes
Alexander McQueen tights
Alexander McQueen dress
(another version of the amazing Bossanova dress)

See By Chloé dress
See By Chloé jumpsuit
Marni bag

Temperly London dress

Miu Miu Bags

Alice + Olivia maxi-dress

Thanks to Cltreanor & .Marcela.. for all their help!


Stef! ★ said...

LE t-shirt insipired by 'See by Chloe'


see_my_bling said...

i think the half dark half light tights are chanel spring 2009

charlienne said...

woooow nice

Hustka said...

Well, the stuff isn't amazing, but nice.
PS I love the new look of Your blog! Spring!

Undamyumbrellla said...

Wow. I don't really know what to think yet. A lot of the items are not really my cup of tea, as they say.

simone ... [elleo] said...

the cut-out page shown in the magazine is from Miu Miu:

Fakeshake3 said...

I know, same Kasia, at least we get to have a the Alexander McQueen dress! However, I adore the Miu Miu bag, and like all the shoes! And the Alice + Olivia maxi! At least this way I am not pulling my hair out choosing items for the money I am spending!

Fakeshake3 said...

Oh and thank you for your finds!

Undamyumbrellla said...

Yeah. I mean, I don't know, there's just something not very appealing about this collection, to me, personally. There are some pieces that I'm planning to buy, but I kind of wish Stardoll put more time into the collection, most of the items don't look like the real-life items, and there isn't really a lot of edginess and innovation in the collection. I personally prefer the original Bossanova McQueen dress, this one has like bubbles instead of flowers. Haha.
Anyway, I loved that Fendi collection, but Stardoll's version is not my favorite. However, I think if I am able to get the money, and it looks good on my doll I may just buy it despite the bad quality. Also, there are a pair of heels in the spoilers that kind of remind me of the shoes from Louis Vuitton Spring '09, they're not based on them because they don't really look like them, but they kind of just have a similar vibe to them, so I may buy those as well. And lastly, if I have enough, I kind of like that Luella little bow hat thing. Haha, I'm bummed out that there is no Marc Jacobs, or YSL. :(

Fakeshake3 said...

I get you Kasia, also, when your talking about the shoes, do you mean the one's with a joined heel. If so the real one's are on the Selma Blair doll that was released on roiworld today. It also has her amazing Marc Jacobs dress she wore.

Undamyumbrellla said...

Yeah, well, I actually meant the big multi-colored platform heels! Haha. And yes, I know which one you're talking about. In real life, that dress is so gorgeous. She wore it to the Fall 2008 show, (best collection ever!) I watch that video all the time on Style.com, I can like recite her comments by now, Haha! :)

.Marcela.. said...

I totally agree with you girls. LE is getting like DKNY, the 1st one was perfect, the second was good, the third nice... the orange and pink was awful, now they got back with nice clothes but the quality isn't the same of the 1st. Anyway, I loved the Halston boots and the Alice + Olivia maxi. I liked the Temperley London and the Jumpsuit too. I totally regret of not buying the 1st collection St. Laurent's cut out boots, I think they were the best pair of shoes from LE...

Undamyumbrellla said...

.Marcela.., I know! I cannot believe I didn't buy those YSL heels either! I want them so badly. :P

Fakeshake3 said...

When i bought those shoes I was like one of the first few who did! But I knew how much I loved them so at the time I ignored the price tag of 150 Stardollars, but after I regretted it. Now, I am soo happy! And can you believe they were the last thing to go from the first LE collection!

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