Loewe hat = 17th of May Norwegian cap

Loewe cap
This hat is a part of the limited 17th of May collection on Stardoll. When I saw that cap, it immediately reminded me of that policeman styled Loewe cap that Victoria Beckham has made iconic. This Loewe cap has been a regular feature in many editorials from the season. Pair one of these caps with Balmain and you get pure Spring 2009 magic.


Swedish Hilton said...

Norway had a nice 17th May. Won Eurovision early and an iconic hat. A bit sarcastic, I'm not a big fan of stardolls version, even though it looks nice in reality.

Fashionista said...

In Norway that hat is a part of a celebration that is, if a teenager graduates from High School, he or she celebrate it, and the celebration is called "russ". So it has nothing with that to do....

Btw: Love your site! :)

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