Zuhair Murad dress, YSL bag, Tray Reese dress & others @ Kim Kardashian

Zuhair Murad dress


Emperors New Clothes TShirt

Wink dress

Tracy Reese dress

Target vest

Rafael Cennamo dress

Ina Soltani dress

Gucci dress

Foley + Corinna dress

Marley jacket, Balmain Skirt and Jil Sander Shoes

Thierry Mugler Dress

Black Halo Dress


simone ... [elleo] said...

oh, COME ON, Stardoll. they could've made these outfits SO NICE if they tried - they're all beautiful pieces in real life!
thanks for identifying them.

emmalicious said...

I was so excited that Kim Kardashian Came out! I love Kepping Up and the girls are my favorite celebs!
PS: I cannot believe she got that vest from TARGET. It looks almost designer. Good bargain huntin' Kimmy.

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