Chloé, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton & Dries van Noten @ Cool Teacher

I'm a 90% sure the new "Cool Teacher" doll is Christina Hendricks,
from "Mad Men"... I suggest searching for their pics,
it's an awesome show with a dramatically stylish 60's vibe
(they even got inspired-by windows at Bloomingdale's!)

Chloé suit & dress
(Thanks BeverlyHillsHei!)

Alexander McQueen
dress, clutch & shoes

Alexander McQueen blazer, boots & bag

Louis Vuitton necklaces
(Thanks jeremyn2005!)

Dries Van Noten clutch & shoes
(Thanks mariaaaanna!)

1 comment:

StardollsModelsINC said...

Oh my god, I LOVE them necklaces.
I cannot find them in the starplaza.
If I can't find them before they go out of the plaza then I will have a panic attack.
I also love the dress(:

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