Red Carpet Spring 2010 Preview: Milan!

Emporio Armani dress and shoes

Versus dress, shoes & clutch

I really really like that Versus dress, but I wish they made it in its original colour. The accesories are gorgeous too ;) however, I don't really like that Emporio Armani blur (come on SD! you can do better!). I think they should have chosen another designer instead of Armani, that's like playing safe... can't wait to see what Paris bring for us next week!


SoundsLike_youra said...

I hope paris bings us some Balmain sequin jeans or a hip exposed dress or something covered inthe medals as long as it's balmain I will be happy

I have some pictures on my bog please read it


lexi_sugar said...

haha, lol. I wrote Stardoll about a week ago asking if they would please release clothes from other 2010 shows, like Milan. Glad they did!

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