12 Days of Dresses

DAY 12: dress

DAY 11: Halston Heritage dress

DAY 10: Topshop dress
(Thanks Stardoll's Most Wanted!)

DAY 9: Topshop dress
(Thanks Stardoll's Most Wanted!)

DAY 8: Rachel Gilbert dress
(Thanks Stardoll's Most Wanted!)

DAY 7: ? dress

DAY 6: Anna Sui dress

DAY 5: David Meister dress
(Thanks Hopuisonfire!)

DAY 4: Jeremy Scott dress
(Thanks Stardoll's Most Wanted!)

DAY 3: ? dress

DAY 2: Halston dress
(Thanks fakeshake3!)

DAY 1: Markus Lupfer dress


FionaK20 said...

Ok I've seen that Halston dress and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember where! In my head I thought it was Christina Aguilera but can't find photos of it!

Anyone know???

Ruth♡Houpisonfire said...

Pink dress is by David David Meister:

miss.privacy said...

could this be day 7 dress?

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