Chanel,Lanvin, Burberry Prorsum and other designer outfits @ Olivia Wilde

Chanel outift
(Thanks joinellie!)

Chanel outfits

Lanvin dress

Lanvin fur coat
(Thanks Mario!)

Burberry Prorsum jacket and pants
(Thanks Jeremyn2005!)

Balenciaga suit
(Thanks Mario!)

Gucci dress
(Thanks Mario!)


Mario said...

You missed the white Chanel fur coat and white fur boots.
Also there is a gray w/fur Balenciaga outfit, too lazy to find a link for the pic lol.
And the see-through black dress with fur is Gucci.

Mario said...

Oh also the brown fur is Lanvin, you actually have it on the picture of the dress (the brown fur back seen next to model)

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