Meadham Kirchhoff @ Courtney Love

Meadham Kirchhoff inspired dress, gloves, tiara.

Meadham Kirchhoff dress.

Meadham Kirchhoff dress.

Meadham Kirchhoff tiara.

Okay, let me just say that I've written emails to Stardoll asking for a Courtney Love doll and for some Meadham Kirchhoff clothes. Could it be? They answered my requests? I am very pleased with this. Thank you, sd. Meadham Kirchhoff has listed Courtney Love and her band Hole as an inspiration for their last three collections or so. Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff's Spring 2011 was a breakthrough for the designers. The collection took elements from Courtney Love's famous early 90s kinderwhore style and some of the teddy bear, pageant girl, candy hearts imagery in Hole's music and album art.


Seasonalhotbuys said...

Is it just me? That's noticing that the quality of dolls have been going down hill?.. Honestly if I was a star i wouldn't want a doll to be made of me if its going to be this low quality.

sakutaro said...

I'm a huge fan of Hole and I love Courtney's style. I was rather pleased to see that Stardoll had released some of these clothes.

Emilija/9002Miss2009 said...

Here are some real versions of Stark Raving Glad SO:


Betsey Johnson


Burberry Prorsum


Alexander Herchcovitch





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