In Her Closet: Alexander Wang

Let's start this week's In Her Closet with a casual mood.

Here's Gosia(Naive-Magazine) sporting the infamous Bisou Boyfriend Jacket, which happens to be inspired by none other than Alexander Wang's craft. She mixes it up with leather skinny pants, inspired by Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti combat boots, a DKNY striped tank top, a Bisou beret on top of her head (which reminds me a lot to Bonnie & Clyde) and a Gucci boho bag.

The borrow-from-your-bf trend seems to grow more and more these days... It all started with boyfriend jeans (as seen on Katie Holmes), then boyfriend cardigans (as seen on SATC the Movie), the jackets... What's next? Only time will tell my fellow fashionista ;)
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