In Her Closet: Burberry & Alexandra Knight

And now let's spice things up a little bit with this Bright Lights, Big City inspired outfit. You know a Stardoll girl is more than just sugar, spice and everything nice...

Anna (see_my_bling) wears a simple off-the-shoulder DKNY black dress and tights, with a Burberry statement necklace (I spot a trend!), a sequined Vivienne Tam coat and a silver lizard Alexandra Knight clutch. Way to wear two HBs at a time!

Now let's go for a night out in the Stardoll world. You know it's a jungle out there... dress accordingly ;)


see_my_bling said...

Thanks so much!

P.S. I sent you a little gift

Alphonsinne* said...

Oh Anna, that was so sweet of you, you shouldn't have :)

Hope you like how I styled you ;)

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